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Each year, millions of Women and Children are abused — they are raped, enslaved in the global sex trade, or sold and trafficked in a multi-billion dollar industry. The Power of Women and Children, with your help has loving homes ready to provide protection, recovery, and TOTAL care to help them to build a lasting future.

Your donation WILL change the course of their lives; help us rescue more Women and children today before it’s to late. In South Africa every 4 minutes another childhood is lost or Woman raped and the horror begins. Be the one to reach out and make a South Africa of difference.

Who we are

The Power of Women and Children is committed to building long-term community benefits for the Women and Children in South Africa. With over 7 years experience in humanitarian efforts, our vision is to bring relief to the families where it is needed most. Please join us in this effort by becoming a member of the Serving Our South African family.

We are running skills development programs such is Computer literacy, Sewing, Dairy and Faming, art and craft, baking and catering, these programs allow our trainees to be employed by companies or to create their own jobs as part of our empowerment programs.

PWC runs a comprehensive Home Based Care Program for peoples infected and affected by Hiv?Aids. This program is done through door-to-door campaign including Counseling, Feeding, Clothing, Cleaning, Bathing and washing provided to the patients and their families by a team of trained caregivers in this mater.

The Living Sustained Dialogue and Imbizo Gender Equity Programs: These are public peace processes that bring community members around a table to explore the underlying broken relationship and seek better solutions to repair them and promote peace and development as well as address the issue of gender equality through awareness. They are done by PWC and Ethalaneni Development Trust based in Kwazulu-Natal and sponsored by the Joseph Rownthree Charitable Trust based in the United Kingdom.

Tshepisong Orphanage: It is a Home built grace to the seed funds from Irish Aid through Soweto Connection and other local donors. Ithemba Labantwana Home accommodate 10 permanent orphans and provide pre-school education to more than 30 vulnerable children, soup kitchen, food and clothing distribution are also provided to the most vulnerable peoples around the community of Tshepisong and surrounding areas.

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All our Serving Our World family members get the benefit of knowing that their money is going a long way. Becoming a family member means that you will sponsor a family and help us build a better home and environment for all the people and not just the one child. Please take a minute to review our family album and see how easy it can be to become a member of our growing family.

A place to call their own

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The Good Life Home is a haven, a home where children can be safe to play, with grounds enough for them to be a kid and play with friends. Its here your donation will make the difference. It begins with a gift of love and ends with heartfelt thanks! These children are worth the effort it takes to say yes to compassion and no to apathy so children can be safe from exploitation.

In 2006, grace to Irish Aid funds donated to PWC via Soweto Connection as well as enormous donations from African Rainbow Minerals, Rent works Africa Ltd and many more, we have built “Ithemba Labantwana” Hope For Children’s Home in Tshepisong where orphaned children are safe from exploitation. It begins with a gift of love and ends with heartfelt thanks.

Make a start today! Nothing is more needed and fulfilling then to step up and to care for those at risk and scared!